John Lewis 14V M Cyclonic Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner





Powerful and agile, the John Lewis 14V M Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is the key to hassle-free housework with its large 3L capacity, impressive 700W power and 6m rewindable cable. The design is simple and ergonomic, making it easy to manoeuvre around any home. It comes equipped with a range of brushes and tools that allow you to effectively vacuum those trickier areas, like the stairs or any hard-to-reach corners. Disposing of the built-up dust is effortless thanks to the specially designed canister. Simply empty the remains into the dustbin and pop the canister back into the vacuum, ready for the next use. Lastly, the 14V has been awarded an A energy rating, saving you money on your energy bills without compromising on power or performance.

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