Olympus M.Zuiko Ed 30Mm 3.5 Macro





Get close to the action with the Olympus M.ZUIKO ED 30mm 3.5 MACRO Lens Capture close up images in clear, sharp quality with this lens that’s filled with outstanding features. Get close to the action and bring out every detail of the smallest and most intricate images, from insects in the garden right down to the detailing on a rain drop or a leaf. The ZERO coating takes care of reducing reflections and ghosting. This 30mm (60mm*) lens features intense image magnification of max. 1.25x (2.5x*), combined with the closest working distance of 14mm, making this lens a tool for capturing a macro world never seen before. Depth: 100 MM Highly portable Micro Four Thirds prime lens Minimum focus distance of 9.5cm Exceptional macro image detail with exquisite circular bokeh with minimal distortion, even at maximum magnification Extremely fast and near-silent AF for split-second photo ops with fleeting natural subjects Ideal for spontaneous handheld close-ups Height: 80 MM Width: 80 MM

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