Parrot Mambo Mission





One drone, two accessories to test your skills The Parrot MAMBO minidrone is not done surprising you! Whether you equip it with the Cannon or the Grabber, it will make the sky a surprising adventure ground. Speed ¿¿racing or skill games, aerobatic or high-flying challenges, youre ready for a maximum of fun. Super-robust and easy to handle, we promise Parrot Mambo will live up to your imagination! TEST YOUR SKILLS Go out on a mission by yourself or as a team with your Cannon. Attach it to the Parrot Mambo and let the games begin. Target enemy drones or try out skill games like shooting a pyramid of cups or knocking over light targets. PLAY THE TRANSPORTER Want to surprise your friends? Attach the Grabber to the Parrot Mambo and be inventive because everything is possible… The grabber can grab objects (up to 4 g), carry them in the air and place them wherever you want. FLY FURTHER Flypad gives you very precise control of your Parrot Mambo drone and allows you to fly it for a distance of up to 100 m. Thanks to its holder that’s adaptable to your smartphone, on your screen you can see the remaining battery and the flight time and you can modify the flight settings Depth: 286 MM Height: 99 MM Width: 200 MM

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